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Our mission is to deliver to the boys and their families in the Buford, Georgia area an Outdoor Program developed by the Boy Scouts of America which builds character, fosters citizenship, develops fitness in both mind and body and duty to God.  We will do our best to deliver the highest quality program possible


Provide an outdoor program in which young men can have fun and adventure in a safe, clean and wholesome environment.  The outdoors is the focus of our program and the Boy Scout experience in general.                  

Fun and adventure!   

There is plenty of this in the great outdoors.  Our troop focuses on learning camping and outdoor skills, which will last a lifetime.  The outdoors is a place where scouts can learn much about living with others.  Scouts face real life challenges and learn to solve real problems together.  Outside, a scout can get close to the natural world:  the land, the wildlife and the environment.  The program of the Boy Scouts of America is unique among youth organizations in its focus on the “Outdoor Experience”.


The primary values we seek to instill are contained in the Boy Scout Oath, Motto, Slogan, Law and Outdoor Code.

Reverent, as a worldwide brotherhood, scouting is a unique organization.  It is based on the principles of loving and serving God, the dignity of all human beings, and the rights of individuals.  Scouting does not emphasize winning as an end result, but rather encourages each boy to do and achieve his best.  Boy Scouts are organizations that are dedicated to bringing out the best in people.  No member of the scouts can grow into being the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.  Thus, a Boy Scout learns his duty to God, country, others and self.   

Character, it is hard to define, a moral and ethical quality, honesty, courage and integrity.  It includes the four “self” qualities: self-reliance, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect. 

Citizenship, it is defined as, “behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, privileges and functions of a citizen.”  It is the quality of an individual’s response to membership in a community.  Citizenship is about love of country and community.  It is understanding government, democracy and our heritage and history. 

Fitness, the scouting program strives to develop physical, mental emotional and moral fitness in young men, and many aspects of the program focus on this aim. 

Loyalty, each scout swears to the scout oath and lives by the scout law of conduct, which pertains to these aims of scouting.  In this day and age, what parent could not agree that these are some of the most important principles a young man could be exposed to?


Troop 1534 History Since Feb 2006

  • Boy Scout Troop 1534 was chartered in February 2006 as a growth of Troop 534 out of Flowery Branch, GA with only 6 Scouts as part of the Troop 

  • The Troop serves 6th through 12th grade boys in the Buford, Sugar Hill & Suwanee, GA area from the Buford City, Gwinnett and Hall County School Systems 

  • The adult leadership and volunteering is very active within the Troop with a full Committee, Assistant Scout Masters and supporters.  

  • The Chartered Organization for Troop 1534 is Buford Church of Christ

  • The Troop meets every Monday night except a few holidays @ Buford Church of Christ from  7pm to 8:30pm

  • Troop 1534 is part of the BSA Apalachee District of the BSA Northeast Georgia Council in Buford, Georgia

  • We accept new scouts all year round so email us at


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